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Clinton High School


Cap, Gown, and Tassel Orders 

We want to make sure you are ready for your big day! If you have not done so already, you need to order your graduation cap, gown and tassel online.  Go to to place your order! 

National Honor Society 

Ag. Class GMO Debate

CHS Art Class

Computer Technology Class Computer tear down

Send a Paws Card to a Staff Member

PAWS-Positive Actions Worth A Salute

Many students and parents/guardians in the district have received PAWS post cards in the mail from school staff. These cards are sent to recognize the positive things students are doing every day both in and out of the classroom. This link is a way to "send" a PAWS card to school employees for the same reason. There was an outstanding response to a similar form that was sent for Teacher Appreciation Week 2016 so I decided to open it up.

I see so many great things going on at Clinton High School every day and I know that community members, parents/guardians, and students see even more. This form is to give everyone the opportunity to recognize and/or thank a school employee for their positive actions.

If you do not know the employee's name or are not sure how to spell it, go ahead and put down which area/department and I can get it to the right person. For example, if you see someone doing a great job mowing, in the name section you could just enter "lawn mower June 20, 2016" and I would forward it to the Building & Grounds Director who would know who the person was.

Thank you for taking the time to recognize school employees for all they do for the district, community, students, and community members each and every day!!

Janae Gile, Principal             Click Here to Send a Paws Card

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