Why Clinton Connect?

Clinton Community School District believes personal, blended learning is the future of education. 

Clinton Connect is available to all individuals residing in the Clinton Community School District or, students who are enrolled in Clinton Community School District. 

Clinton Connect is the best option for families who prefer to provide their children with a combination of learning opportunities at home, online, and or in the school setting. Students who perform better on their “own” schedule, rather than on a traditional school day schedule, will find Clinton Connect to be a great learning experience. 

Clinton Connect provides an opportunity for your family to network with others who are selecting this unique educational path to meet their children’s needs. Parents may select which classes their children attend with other students, if they choose to do so. (e.g. band, history, etc.). Clinton Connect offers students the opportunity to participate in over 300 online district courses and over 200 in-district courses. In addition, students enrolled in Clinton Connect will have opportunities to participate in special school events such as prom, graduation, extracurriculars and so forth.

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