9-12 Program

Clinton Connect: High School Program

When students log into their interactive dashboard, each of their online courses is displayed on a course card. Students have the ability to flip over their course card and see the following:

  • How much of the course they have completed
  • Whether they are ahead, behind, or right on target
  • Their current grade
  • Which assignments they have completed
  • Which assignments still need to be done

From the student dashboard, students can also e-mail their teacher(s), receive notices from teachers and their virtual coordinator, begin a lesson, or take an assessment.

The student dashboard allows students to view their status in all their online courses at one time - which helps them prioritize their work and stay on task. The dashboard features a user-friendly design geared to digital natives that students can personalize by arranging their course cards in any order that works best for them. 


9-12 Course Offerings: core, honors, AP, remediation, elective

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