Useful Websites for Parents


1. Worry Wise Kids  According to this website, this site provides useful information pertaining to child and adolescent worries and anxiety.

2. PBS Kids    Printable articles for parents, teens, and kids dealing with the topics of stress, anxiety, and worry are included in this website.


1. Kids Health Articles on this helpful website are offered in both audio and printed format; English and Spanish as well.

2. WebMD

3. Parents

4. Mayo Clinic

5. PBS Kids

Girls and Friendships A powerful article entitled: Understanding Elementary School Friendships.

Grief and Loss

1. Doughy A resource from the National Center for Grieving Children and Families, " this site is an online resource for grieving children, teens, the people who care about them." Children and parents can share their experiences as they move through the healing process.

2. Kids Health This site provides information about a wide range of child issues, including self-esteem, grieving, divorce, and stress.

3. PBS Kids This site provides printable offline activities, book recommendations, discussion questions, and much more for parents and students who are dealing with grief and loss.

Internet Safety

1. Wired Safety provides links to other websites addressing everything you need to know to keep your child safe online.

2. Net Smartz NetSmartz provides on and offline learning activities for parents to facilitate discussions with their children and teens about Internet safety.


1. Food for Talk "Bringing families together one conversation at a time." The University of Michigan study of children's time found that more meal time at home was the single strongest predictor of better achievement scores and fewer behavioral problems in school. Food for Talk is a recipe box filled with 200 cards designed to initiate and stimulate the dinner hour, helping parents and children connect on a deeper level by sharing feelings, values, and experiences.

2. Kids Health Kids Health is the #1 most visited site for children's health and development. It is an excellent medical resource right in your own home.

3. This website is helpful for almost any aspect of parenting.

4. Keep Kids Healthy A Pediatrician's guide to your child's health and safety. This site contains links for a vast array of topics including discipline, nutrition, safety, and common problems with children.

5. Talking with Kids Talking With Kids: This site offers techniques for talking with children ages 8 to 12 about tough issues.

6. Love and Logic Love and Logic is a philosophy of raising and teaching children that allows children to grow through their mistakes and puts parents and teachers back in control. It prepares children for the real world with its many choices and consequences. This site offers articles for parents and teachers. Products can also be ordered.

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