Counseling Services at CES

Counseling Services at CES The counseling program at Clinton Elementary School is designed to help your child have an enjoyable and successful school year. As your school counselor, I work with parents and students in many ways by providing a variety of services. Each service is aimed towards helping children learn and develop to their highest potential. Three of these services include Individual, Smalll Group, and Classroom Counseling.

Individual Counseling I will meet with students individually for a variety of issues. This service is offered based on need. Referrals can come from parents, teachers, staff, or the student. Counselor/ Student confidentiality is honored at all times except in cases of possible harm to self or others and report of abuse. Students are encouraged to discuss their feelings and concerns with their parents.

Small Group Counseling The Clinton Elementary School Counseling program offers a variety of small groups for students throughout the year.

Why: As a part of individual student planning within the delivery system in a comprehensive school counseling program, the counselor establishes small student support groups each year based on the needs of students. In small groups, members have an opportunity to learn from each other. They also share ideas and give and receive feedback. Group members are also able to practice new skills in a safe environment.

How: Referrals are made by parents and teachers. Participation, which is voluntary and confidential, requires permission from a parent or guardian. If you are interested in a small group for your child, please contact your child's teacher or myself at 676-2211 ext. 4026 or

When: Classroom teachers are consulted regarding scheduling that is least disruptive to the learning environment. Each group typically meets for 30 minutes a week for eight weeks.

1. Grief Group is co-facilitated with staff from Beloit Regional Hospice. This group gives students a chance to meet with friends their own age to share thoughts and feelings about the death of someone in their life.

2. Friendship Group is an interactive support group that helps students practice friendly behaviors. Group topics include: who can be your friend, how to show someone you would like to be friends, how to handle bosses and bullies, the best way to be a friend and not be a friend, and ways to settle an argument with a friend.

3. Change Group is a peer support group for students who are (or have experienced) parent separation and/or divorce. Group topics include how to handle common feelings associated with parent separation and/or divorce, coping strategies, and building communication within family.

4. New Student Group is a peer support group for students that are new to Clinton Elementary. It is designed to help your child get acquainted with the new school environment while learning strategies to adjust to a new school. He/she will also explore ways to make new friends.

5. Interactive Play Groups are designed with the Kindergartner in mind. This group is offered as a means to help children enhance basic social skills and understanding of social situations. Students will practice effective communication and problem solving techniques through role play situations. Students will also explore different ways to make friends.

Classroom Counseling I go into each classroom, for 25 minutes, every other week. The following topics are covered at each grade level: Kindergarten: Empathy Training Emotion Management Problem Solving Personal Safety Protective Behaviors Social Skills 1st & 2nd Grades: Empathy Training Impulse Control & Problem Solving Anger Management Personal Safety Protective Behaviors Bullying 3rd and 4th Grades: Test Preparation Bullying Respect and Cultural Awareness Impulse Control & Problem Solving Careers Personal Safety Protective Behaviors Middle School Transition (4th graders only)

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