Inclement Weather Procedures

Inclement Weather Printout


November, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Winter is fast approaching and we felt this was a good time to communicate our weather related delay and cancellation procedures.

For cold temperatures, we base decisions on whether to have school or not on the sustained windchill forecast. A sustained windchill of -25 to -34 is when we begin to consider delaying or calling off school. This range falls within a windchill advisory and will be weighed with other factors to determine whether school will be delayed or cancelled. When a windchill warning goes into effect at -35, school will be cancelled. In some cases, we may do a 2-hour delay as the windchill temperature may increase as the sun comes up. In preparation for these cold temperatures, please make sure your children are properly clothed. Even the buses may feel a little colder than normal in these types of temperatures.

Closing or delaying school based on snow can be a bit more difficult to predict. Roads will be driven by school personnel that morning in order to determine safety conditions. If winter weather conditions change during the day, an early release is possible and will be communicated via all of our outlets listed below. Please note that it is not always practical to call off school the day before given how unpredictable storms can be. In cases where we will delay or cancel school, those decisions will be made by no later than 6:00 a.m.

On days when school is cancelled, all activities on our campuses will be cancelled.

Going outside for recess is based on a sustained wind chill of zero degrees. If it is zero or lower, students will not go out. If it is above zero, students will typically go out for recess.

We hope these explanations help in understanding these decisions.

Media and Social Media Sources to follow Weather Related Announcements:
Blackboard Connect 5 Messaging System: Phone calls, emails, texts. Be sure the phone number and email address on file with your student’s school are up-to-date.

Clinton Community School Website (
Clinton Community School District Facebook Page

TV Stations:                                             Radio Stations:
Channel 3 (WISC)                                   WCLO/WJVL (1230/99.9)
Channel 13 (WREX)                                WGEZ (1490/1380/93.7/105.9)
Channel 14 (CW)                                    WGFB (1380)
Channel 15 (WMTV)                               WSLD (104.5)
Channel 17 (WTVO)                               WLKG (96.1)
Channel 23 (WIFR)
Channel 27 (WKOW)
Channel 39 (FOX)


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