Approved Non-School Affiliated Flyers

The Clinton Community School District offers the opportunity for non-school affiliated organizations to share information with students and parents/guardians, provided the purpose of the organization complements the educational mission of the District (Policy 9700).  The school dist rict does not encourage or discourage a student's participation in any of these programs or activities.  Effective February 7, 2017, flyers will only be posted online and/or available for students or parents/guardians to pick up in each of the school building offices in effort to reduce energy and save materials.

Process for electronic distribution of flyers (Non-school affiliated groups):

1. The following disclaimer must be included on the bottom of the flyer:

"This is not a school-sponsored activity and the Clinton Community School District does not provide support or endorsement of this program/activity.  It has neither reviewed nor approved the program, personnel, or activities announced in this flyer/brochure.  Permission to distribute this material must not be considered a recommendation or endorsement by the school district."

2. To submit a flyer to be posted, please email Laura Lynd at: in PDF format.  Please allow five (5) business days for the flyer to be approved and posted on our district website.  

Approved Flyers:


Green-Rock Audubon Society Scholarships

Gutter Buster Bowling Program

Paint the Day Away - Sponsored by Clinton High School Art Club

Clinton Youth Baseball Flyer & Sign Up

Youth Trap Team - Izaak Walton

2017 Delavan Train Show




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